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Join our

veg box scheme


With each box made to order, you can be confident you'll receive only the freshest and best quality produce in your veg box.


Choose from our set boxes or pick your own to get exactly what you want down to the quantity. 

Try us today and start your journey to a convenient and cost effective way of buying your veggies.

Why us? 
From picking your produce, making up your order and delivering your veggie - we do it all. We hand select everything that goes into your box ourselves and make each box individually adhering to your preferences and dislikes. You can put your trust in us to give you the best of the best.

- We're local!

- Quality produce

- List preferences and dislikes to use ALL of your box

- A range of box sizes to suit all households

- Delivery in cardboard boxes

- Easy ordering with NO COMMITMENT

- Reliable and friendly service from all our team

Free Delivery
SY1 - Thursday
SY2 - Thursday
SY3 - Thursday
SY4 - Wednesday
SY5 - Thursday
SY11 - Wednesday
SY12 - Wednesday
SY13 - Wednesday
Newport - Friday 
In Season
New potatoes
Spring Greens
Pea shoots


Browse through our website to select the box that suits your lifestyle. 

Talk to us

After your order has been placed give us an email to let us know any dislikes or preferences for the produce we add to your box. We don't want anything to go to waste.


Your box will be delivered to you free of charge. Enjoy our friendly and convenient delivery service. No need to stay at home as we leave your box in your chosen 'safe spot'.  


Enjoy all your local fresh produce that has been hand selected for you, week after week

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