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My husband and I have been customers of Dimitar of Box of Goodness, for several months, and I cannot begin to tell you how much we relish every delivery day, when his fabulous range of vegetables, salad and fruit arrive in a perfectly insulated poly box.


His passion for food shines through in the quality of every ingredient in the box. Dimitar is an experienced chef and knows the value of quality and seasonal ingredients. Also, you only have to look at his website to see all the alternatives that he offers.


Wherever possible, he provides local produce. He is unfailingly obliging in taking into consideration your own personal preferences, and will helpfully suggest unusual ways of getting the best out of each delicious element.


We, as well as Dimitar, have a delight in cooking, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than creating something sublime, imaginative and hugely healthy from our Boxes of Goodness.


This website gives a brilliant insight into the potential of becoming a Box of Goodness customer, but I can't urge you more strongly to discover for yourselves the true joy of receiving a Box.


Mrs Rixon - Shrewsbury

I came across Dimitar at the inaugural Shrewsbury food festival four years ago.  His enthusiasm was infectious and the quality of produce he was showing was impressive.

I had just closed my subscription to another box company as I felt the produce was distinctly average and the quantities supplied did not offer value for money.   I decided to give Box of Goodness a try  but sincerely wondered whether the delivered boxes would live up to those on show.

Well four years on  I have yet to receive a poor one, Dimitar knows I don’t like bananas, I love fresh beetroot and am always in need of chillies.   He always delivers and will adapt quickly to any special requests or change of dates. Even the dog welcomes him on a Thursday…which is more than she does for the postman!!


I cannot recommend the company highly enough, great produce, polite , efficient old-fashioned service ( with a smile) . What more could you want?


Sue G -  Shrewsbury

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