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By placing an order and using this website, you, the consumer, accepts responsibility for reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions. 

(1) Placing an Order

1a) After placing an order with Box of Goodness, the consumer, is asked to send an email with frequency of delivery and future method of payment.

1b) It will be understood by Box of Goodness that if there is no follow up email from consumer after an order is placed then this will be a one off delivery whereas Box of Goodness will not deliver again unless told otherwise in the future.


1c) if the consumer sends a follow up email after an order has been placed, clearly indicating a one off delivery is required then, a response to this will be made by Box of Goodness.


1d) By sending a follow up email requesting a weekly or fortnightly delivery, it is only once Box of Goodness have responded to you that your regular order will be approved and noted on Box of Goodness system. Refer to point (2) regarding a frequent delivery. This email will state how often we intend to deliver unless directed otherwise by the consumer. 

(2) Frequent deliveries & How a contract is formed between you and us. 

2a) By requesting a frequent delivery the consumers contract agreement with Box of Goodness will be with a reply from Box of Goodness via email following this request. Box of Goodness will confirm that we have received your regular weekly or fortnightly order and suggest or agree to a method of payment. Once we have sent this confirmation email, our cancellation policy then comes into force between Box of Goodness and consumer and an agreement is in place with consumer and Box of Goodness. Box of Goodness will assume that by placing an order via the website, you have read, understood and agreed to our terms and conditions. If a order is placed via telephone or in person then Box of Goodness will inform them to read the terms and conditions on the website and will assume they will do so. If Box of Goodness do not hear from a telephone customer following this and receive a delivery then by not raising an issue, Box of Goodness will assume they have understood and agree to the terms and conditions stated. 

2b) Any alterations made to a frequent delivery include but is not limited to;

       a) changing frequency - weekly or fortnightly or fortnightly to weekly. 
       b) Change in the size or type of box 
       c) Changing dislikes or preferences for your order 

      If the consumer would like to make any changes then Box of Goodness asked for 48 hours notice to do so. If you notify us of any changes after 48 hours before delivery is due then it is the discretion of Box of Goodness as to whether these changes are accepted or not. 

2c) Changes can be made via phone, email or via the website contact us form.

(3) Payment

 3a) Payment method. Box of Goodness will accept following in the following forms;

         a) Cash or cheque on delivery
         b) PayPal
         c) Card payment 
         d) Bacs payment (if agreed with Box of Goodness, bank details to do so will be sent)

3b) Payment is to be made on delivery day, unless agreed otherwise between consumer and Box of Goodness. 

3c) Card payments will be charged after a delivery is made. Online payments, cash/cheque or to be made on delivery day.

3d) If a payment has not been made for a delivery, Box of Goodness will invoice the consumer. From delivery, consumer will have 14 days to pay for a delivery. If a payment is not made either full or part then Box of Goodness reserve the right to send the consumer to a debt collection company to recover the amount outstanding. 

3e) If a debt collection company is to be used, consumer will also pay interest on the amount for the duration its outstanding.

(4) Cancellation

4a) if you would like to cancel a one off order that's been made via the website then a refund will be given provided Box of Goodness has been given 48 hours notice of cancellation. Your refund will exclude the amount PayPal has charged for your payment.


4b) if you have requested a frequent delivery, which Box of Goodness has accepted (see point 2a) then Box of Goodness request 48 hours notice of cancellation of the reoccurring order. If you cancel after this time but still before delivery have been received then it will be at Box of Goodness discretion if this cancellation has been accepted.

4c) Cancellation after a delivery has been made will not be accepted for any past deliveries. Any deliveries made up until the point of cancellation, the consumer will be charged for. If payment is not made please see point 3d&3e.

4d) Box of Goodness will confirm your cancellation once received. 

4e) For the avoidance of doubt, if you change your mind regarding a delivery our cancellation policy applies. If we have already delivered to you, you, the consumer, will be liable for the charge of your order. 

4f) You, the consumer, have the legal right to cancel the order or service under the Consumer Regulations. This also covers if you change your mind regarding an order or service. Please note there are exceptions and certain circumstances where the Consumer Contracts Regulations do not give you the right to cancel and or refund. These include;

    a) Cd's, DVD's, software with a broken seal
    b) Perishable items including fresh food and flowers
    c) personalised items
    d) any items that have a safety seal for health or hygiene reasons that have been broken.

4g) Once cancellation of our product or service is cancelled, we will acknowledge cancellation via email. 



5a) To return a faulty product or a product is past its best, Box of Goodness will ask for a photograph to be sent via email. We will then offer you the option of a refund for that item or a replacement in your next delivery. As a consumer, you have legal rights to return a faulty item.

5b) If you change your mind regarding a delivery, once delivery has been made, a return will not be accepted. Following guidelines stated for Distance Selling, for fresh produce (a perishable product) a return does not need to be accepted unless faulty or past its best. 

5c) If Box of Goodness does agree to a return, which they are under no obligation to do so and if a return is offered for a non faulty item after a delivery this will be at the companies discretion. It will also be the consumers responsibility to return said items to Box of Goodness. 


6a) if you would like to discuss a complaint you may have then you can do so via telephone, email or via letter. 

6b) a response to any complaint will be provided within 7 working days.

6c) Box of Goodness, holds the right to include a HP representative to communicate on their behalf, should they wish. 

(7) Changes to terms and conditions

7a) Box of Goodness reserve the right to changes terms and conditions at any time.

7b) it is the consumers responsibility to check the terms and conditions on a monthly basis.

Box of Goodness

Oak Cottage, Stretton Heath,

Nr Yockelton 



 01743 884426 

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