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School Scheme

Our School Scheme couldn't be easier so get your children's school involved today! We really love to see children eating healthily and learning about the benefits that a good diet can give them. We aspire to link with as many schools as we can across Shrewsbury and it's surrounding areas. To make our passion, your passion we came up with 'The School Scheme'. Here's what to do:


1) Simply order your chosen box through this site or by phone and state which school you'd like the box to be delivered to. If your child's school isn't yet involved, we'll give them a call.


2)  We will let you know which day your box will be delivered to the school. Then when you pick your child up at the end of a school day, also collect your produce.


10% of your box goes to the school's fund to spend as they see fit to benefit the school and your child's education. So the more orders to the school the more money we give them! 


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